Louis the Child Inch Closer To New Album With Dreamy Future Pop Single “Falling”

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Louis the Child and summer anthems go together like peanut butter and jelly. Chicago’s dynamic duo of EDM has a seemingly bottomless library of belters and today they add another with their new single, “Falling.”

Daniel Allan and NJOMZA assist LTC in the creation of this effervescent concoction. They give us an inside look into its formation saying:

“We have this thing we love to do when we make music with NJOMZA. We’ll write a song super slow based around some emotional chords, then strip the production, speed the whole song up, and reproduce with the song in mind. This was originally written at 128bpm and sounded like a slow ballad, nothing like what you hear now. We loved the songwriting, and when we got together with Daniel Allan, we played it for him and it was like ‘oh for sure let’s do this.’”   

Undulating synths and angelic vocal lines coalesce into a vibrant sonic wave that is just too lush to be denied. Lose yourself in the technicolor tides of Louis The Child’s new single, “Falling,” below and enjoy!

Louis the Child – Falling (Ft. Daniel Allan & NJOMZA)

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