Louis The Child Deliver Electro-Pop Bop “Stay With Me” with Absolutely

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Louis The Child gets closer and closer to releasing their sophomore album with every new single that is released. With five already out, how much longer could it really be until we are blessed with a new album? While we pray for the wait to end, the duo gifts us with another new single to hold us off, entitled “Stay With Me.”

Entrancing chord stabs and a delicate vocal introduce the track, immediately pulling us in for more. Louis The Child plays with a variety of rhythmic elements, maintaining a bubbly, forward-moving beat, and bouncy chord progression throughout. Vocalist Absolutely‘s legato melodies beautifully contrasts the staccato nature of the rest of the production.

Louis The Child commented on the release, sharing:

We love this song, it’s so pretty and floaty ✨💙…Sometimes you hear a song and just know you want to sample it. That feeling came when we heard “Better Things” by Brockhampton last year. That song has this floaty feel to it, like you’re up in the clouds. We messed around with it a few different times, but it wasn’t until we were literally up in the clouds on a plane that we made the beat for this song. A few months later we had a session with M-Phazes and he asked if he could invite his friend Absolutely to come write with us. We played her the beat and a few hours later we had the finished song.

You can stream “Stay With Me” at the link below. Enjoy!

Louis The Child, Absolutely – Stay With Me