Lovis Display a Smooth Melodic Techno Sound on Deluxe Mix of “seek”


German duo Lovis only started releasing music this year, but they hit the ground running. They set a lofty goal of releasing new music every two weeks in 2022, with four distinct phases. Each phase has its own associated color and corresponding vibe. The first chapter is blue, with the new deluxe mix of “seek” serving as the culmination of this darker, melancholic phase of music.

Despite the prolific output from the duo, the quality certainly isn’t letting up. “seek” combines an excellent vocal performance with a tasty, techy beat. A rich, crisp voice emerges over a satisfyingly deep bass in the background. The drop completely transforms this track into a club weapon with its tempo and industrial synth effects.

This is the final track from the blue phase before Lovis transitions to the orange phase, with thematically more upbeat and joyful music. Given Lovis’s impressive release schedule, we can expect to hear more from them soon. Until then, you can check out the deluxe mix of “seek” using the link below. Enjoy!

Lovis – seek (deluxe mix)