LSDREAM Delivers An Uplifting Bass Voyage With “HIGH VIBRATIONS”

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LSDREAM has become a psychedelic bass music wizard with his ability to create some of the most immersive, forward-thinking sounds in the game. We hadn’t heard from him since he released the spaced out “FOLLOW THE VIBE” to end things off in 2020. But have no fear—he’s finally returned with the heavy-hitting new single “HIGH VIBRATIONS,” a stratospheric sonic odyssey that comes to us via WAKAAN.

“HIGH VIBRATIONS” pairs powerful, thumping beats and his signature vocoder-ized lyrics with ethereal, gentle tones. The bass provides the wavy, intergalactic wubz we’ve come to know and love from LSDREAM, who makes the complicated inner workings of the sound design seem effortless. This is a track that gets you on your feet, and builds in such a cinematic trajectory. It’s easy to see this one being played out across festival stages once live music returns to the large scale again.

Whatever the secret key to the bass universe is seems to lie in LSDREAM’s very capable hands. We’re just stoked to be coming along for the ride. Stream “HIGH VIBRATIONS” below, fasten your seat belts and enjoy!