Fly Through The Stars With LSDREAM & Z-Trip’s Funky New Collab “SPACE FUNK”

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Unless you have a spot on a future Space-X flight or you’re a fully certified astronaut, you probably won’t be making your way off our big blue planet any time soon. But fear not, LSDREAM & Z-Trip are here to bring you the next best thing—an out of this world new track titled “SPACE FUNK.”

This new jam sounds like the soundtrack to a dope alien party, and all you sonic space surfers are invited. A cascading soundscape sets a mystical tone right from the start, and a punchy, walking bass and drum line gets the boosters prepped for launch. An atmospheric descending synth line then starts inching you out of your seat, and a robotic talk box vocal and funky futuristic key board join in to float you away through the stratosphere.

These two wielders of the weird and wobbly did everything right on this golden groove, joining forces through a solid appreciation of funk. Buckle your seatbelts folks, we’re blasting into the weekend on this psychedelic space ride. Stream LSDREAM & Z-Trip’s new track, “SPACE FUNK” below. Enjoy!