Lubelski Gets Wildly Wavy on New Tech House Track, “Asylum”

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Leave it to a DIRTYBIRD mainstay to melt your brain into a puddle. Lubelski is one of the most head-turning producers currently on a sharp come up, and once you listen to his new track, “Asylum,” you’ll understand why.

Auditory stimulus is the name of the game in this new listening experience. Distorted scratches, buzzing analogs, and unearthly sound design sporadically dart and bounce over the lone kick tethering us to reality. The beat… beat.. what is… beat. Synths? Am I… synths? Someone… Help me. Get me.. asylum.

Sorry about that, we’ll try to mop up whatever is left of the poor guy who wrote this. While we do that, you can stream Lubelski’s new track, “Asylum,” via DIRTYBIRD, below. It’s the first single from his upcoming album, Happy Accidents. Enjoy!

Lubelski – Asylum