Lucii Conjures Up 4 ‘Wicked’ Tracks With Release Of New EP


Lucii, one of WAKAAN‘s most talented mainstays, just came through with some heat. Her Wicked EP drops today with Halloween around the corner and includes four superb, spine-tingling tracks.

The EP contrasts Lucii’s cosmic melodies and airy vocals with her intense, dynamic drops. Kicking off with “Spell,” the project quickly blasts off, with eerie synths lifting into the atmosphere and giving way to glitchy bass switch-ups. Following in a similar vein with a more downtempo track, “Till the Day I Die,” which gets deep and mysterious with some pulsating bass sounds.

On the B-side, Lucii demonstrates her versatility with two very different tracks. “Wonky” is an absolute firestarter, blowing the roof off with some headbanging energy and “Vibe” takes the spaceship right out of the stratosphere with some gorgeous synth work. Lucii’s vocals truly shine as shimmering synths cascade between drum hits. It’s a dazzling track that ties the EP together in a unique way.

Lucii clearly had a vision for this EP, and she executed it beautifully. It’s out now via the WAKAAN label, have a listen in the stream below. Enjoy!

Lucii – Wicked EP