Australian Artist Lucille Croft Unleashes Heavy New Bass-Fueled Weapon “Control”


Today we’re excited to have the pleasure of introducing the incredible up-and-coming producer, fashion designer & blogger Lucille Croft to the site! Having quickly penetrated the bass-music scene with her relentless and deviously calculated sound, the Australian phenom has now delivered a heavy new single “Control“.

Low-end fans of all types are sure to find something to love about this latest bass-house destroyer from Lucille Croft. Featuring a wealth of eerie soundscapes, crunchy mechanical sound design and absolutely explosive bass, Lucille utilizes her own vocals to guide unsuspecting listeners through a wild sonic journey crafted to assume full control of their brains.

Make sure to crank the bass up to 11 before hitting play on this one. Stream “Control” below and enjoy!

Lucille Croft – Control