Lucille Croft Returns In Post-Human Form For Sci-Fi Themed EP, ‘PATIENT X’


Lucille Croft is yet another exciting figure to emerge from the always entertaining music scene down in Australia. As a DJ, producer, entrepreneur, model, it really is her world and we’re all just living in it. Her latest endeavor is a multi-dimensional project that spans influences in music, visual art, fashion, and design. Inspired by her experience as a woman in music, PATIENT X is the manifestation of Lucille’s posthuman form, dangerously free and restricted by industry confines no more.

She writes:

“I was once human, like you. I was under their control, the harder I fought, the worse it got. Every word I spoke, every step I took, all of it, was preordained. I was molded, twisted, shaped, into ‘their’ version of the perfect human, the perfect artist, the perfect woman.

They offer you the future, peace, happiness. What they’re really offering is the removal of your humanity, loss of control. They wanted me to be compliant, obedient, they thought this was their solution to deal with me.

But they didn’t realize what they’d done, until it was too late. They’ve removed my humanity, but gave me so much more. Power beyond imagination. They thought they could control me, but now, I have the power. And now.. I’m out for blood.”

Sonically, the project fuses together hard tech house and techno with expansive industrial elements. Heavy bass and ripping guitars blend together on “Kill The Machine” while “Out For Blood” provides a much more fast-paced techno-driven experience. PATIENT X also contains subtle nods to the comprehensive world of science-fiction and gaming making this one of the more creative and unique experiences to come out this year.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Lucille Croft – PATIENT X