Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist Pt. II (Superheroes) (Produced by TheFatRat) : Must Hear Rap / Dubstep Song & Lupe Fiasco Announces He Is Retiring From Rap


Lupe Fiasco, easily one of the most talented and philosophical rappers in the game has recently announced a very sad piece of news. He is going to be retiring from the rap game. Look below at his tweets after getting into an online battle between rising Chicago rapper Chief Keef. He is one of the few rappers that tried to bring some substance to the rap genre filled with so much waste. He let's loose American Terrorist Pt. II (Superheroes), a new version of his American Terrorist, with a dubstep background. This beat is insane, UPDATE: and we found out that it was produced by one of the site's favorite upcoming producers TheFatRat (pointed out by one of our readers Eathan, and confirmed by TheFatRat's manager Alex. It's a mellowed out dubstep beat with some solid production that provides the perfect soundtrack for Lupe's powerful words, and potential departure from hip-hop.. which I really hope is not the case, because Lupe really is one of the realest rappers I've ever heard. Enjoy!

Do you think Lupe is really throwing in the towel with rapping?

Look at his farewell tweets below

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