PREMIERE | LUVRS’ Debut Single “Lady” Delivers Us An Undeniably Infectious Groove


Meet LUVRS, the easy-listening Brooklyn based duo newly comprised of multi-instrumentalists and producers JAFÉ and DeModa, who have a unique talent of blending funk, rock, soul and electro in an absolutely infectious and digestible way. Their debut single “Lady” explores all of this within one tight groovy package, complete with mellifluous vocals, slapping basslines, and an electric guitar solo, fit to set off both in your home and on the stage.

“Lady” is just the first release of a highly anticipated self titled EP from the duo which we can’t wait to experience ourselves. Be ready to get transported into a grooving world of love and good feelings when LUVRS come into your life. Stream “Lady” today to light your fire, and as always, enjoy!

LUVRS – Lady | Stream