lynyn Unleashes Masterfully Diverse Debut Album ‘lexicon’

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There is not simply one word we could choose to describe the music Chicago-based producer, lynyn, masterfully crafts. His expansive discography of tracks ranging from dubstep to synth-pop only begins to showcase his vast talents in music creation. Following the announcement of his debut album, we knew lynyn would deliver with extremely special results. lexicon, the amalgamation of his hard work and skills, is everything we could’ve hoped for.

Unlike most other artists in electronic genres, lynyn boasts a professional education in music theory and composition, with a bachelor’s degree to back up his discography. His proficiency in music theory makes itself known with flawless shifts between minor and major keys within the second track of the album, “icenine.” Title track, “uja end,” flexes the producer’s knack for intricate beat-making, as he flows through a variety of cadences with ease.

A true talent as both a writer and producer, lynyn truly stuns the listener with his flawless mixes and ever-changing variety of sounds. It is hard to believe that this is his debut album, given the true breadth of this LP.

You can stream lexicon at the link below, out everywhere via Sooper Records. Enjoy!

lynyn – lexicon