Lyrah Delivers Emotive New EP ‘Drain My Bank Account’


Silicon Valley product designer turned full-time musician, Lyrah, knows a thing or two about the importance of persistence in the music industry. Designing the viral Record Deal Simulator and involving herself in various projects from working with Grimes to TIDAL, it’s finally time for Lyrah to take the spotlight for herself. Her new EP, Drain My Bank Account, is just the beginning.

Lyrah has an undeniable talent for writing insanely addictive melodic hooks. Her voice soars over each and every track with grace, delicate yet impactful in her delivery. Drawing from personal experience, the emotion and passion in each track is palpable.

Lyrah gave some more insight into her new EP, commenting:

This EP contains all the songs I made since leaving my full-time job to focus on music. My whole life I wondered what I could make if I actually gave music my complete attention — and this is it. With everything that I make, I want it to feel like a soundtrack for someone’s life moments. And with this EP, I chose songs that live in their own relatable, cinematic world.

You can stream Drain My Bank Account at the link below. Enjoy!

Lyrah – Drain My Bank Account