Thundercat, Wiz Khalifa, & More Pay Tribute to Mac Miller on His 30th Birthday

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Mac Miller‘s fans aren’t the only people that he touched during his lifetime. While his fanbase remembers him on a daily basis with social media accounts such as The Mac Miller Memoir, we also have to remember how much of an effect he had on the hip-hop community (and beyond) as a whole.

Today, we’re witnessing artists from all over the map pay their respects to the late, beloved artist on what would have been his 30th birthday. Artists like Thundercat, Wiz Khalifa, EarthGang, and more signed a “digital birthday card” for Rolling Stone this morning with heartfelt messages.

You can read some of the messages below, and follow this link here to see them all.


Dear Mac,

I hope that on your birthday, the clarity, and places and spaces that you’ve always wanted to go to, see and feel — I hope that you feel that infinitely. I hope that you can see further than you’ve ever seen before. I hope that wherever you are, it’s funny. Gotta be funny. If it isn’t funny, it sucks.

I’ve been taking your advice — sitting down and letting it happen, extremely sitting down and letting it happen. And goodness, I’m happy that I’ve gotten to know you and spend this time with you because your life changed my life. I hope that wherever you are, you’re still changing people’s lives. 

I really wish I could hear the soundtrack to where you’re at that you would create because I’m pretty sure that’s intense, extreme. On this birthday, I hope that you get everything that you want, everything that you think you want, everything you didn’t want or didn’t ask for…I hope you get all of that. I hope it’s as extreme as it was here. Because it was fun.



Wiz Khalifa


I miss you, man. Today would have been your 30th birthday, you were gone too soon. I remember our early days back at ID Labs in Pixburgh with E. Dan making legendary music. You were the young homie coming up so fast and representing the Burgh. We’ll never forget you, man. Love you, bro, happy birthday.




Mac Miller,

Mac! I wish you were still on this side with us. Your light, heart, energy, gift, and love of fruit snacks is what I miss dearly! I miss you pullin’ up to the stu with the fam, and fans you picked up after a show, so they could kick it while you lit the booth up. We’d be like “Mac, who are all these people?” and you’d just shrug, laugh, and say “I don’t know.” Always a good time and adventure. True free spirit. Man, you kicked a door in for me early and we gon’ continue to carry your legacy through the doors we still walking through. I still don’t like hummus, btw! I know you would’ve had the illest “Dirty Thirty” celebration ever! I love you forever, Malcolm! – Rapsody