Mac Miller’s ‘Faces’ Breaks Record for Biggest Vinyl Sales Week in History by Any Hip-Hop or R&B Artist


Yet another milestone has been reached by the recent reissue of Faces by Mac Miller. Last week, the album was projected to debut in the top 3 on Billboard’s US album chart. As of last night, however, an even bigger accolade has been achieved. Faces now holds the record for the biggest vinyl sales week in history by any hip-hop or R&B artist. It moved over 32,000 units.

While we had a solid idea of how massive Mac Miller’s fanbase continues to be, we are still stunned by the reception of the Faces reissue. The acclaimed 2014 mixtape is now able to be streamed on DSPs. It is also, of course, able to purchase on vinyl for the first time, officially. While many bootleg vinyl copies of Faces have existed for years, this is the first time they are actually being distributed by Mac’s label.

As of now, the vinyl editions of Faces are sold out on Mac Miller’s website.

‘Faces’ by Mac Miller breaks the record for biggest vinyl sales week for any R&B/hip-hop or rap album in history with 32,000 units moved.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) October 26, 2021