Mac Miller Launches New Project Producing Beats For Aspiring Rappers with !GoFish! Volume 1 Ft. Conway

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Not everyone is aware, but Mac Miller is almost just as active as a rapper as he is a producer. The jack of all trades goes under the alias Larry Fisherman when doing so. He dropped off a big instrumental mixtape late last year here.

Well he's starting a new series called the !GoFish! series which Mac promotes new rappers as he describes: 

"i'm starting a new series called !Go Fish! where i make beats, people rap on them, then i put it on the internet. this is Volume 1"

The first volume features a rapper going by Conway who we are unfamiliar with. He lays straight bars over a minimal, ominous beat. We will keep you updated on the project. Enjoy!

Side note: Are there any aspiring rappers out there that would love to be apart of this? Comment below.

!GoFish! Volume 1 Ft. Conway | Stream Only