Mac Miller’s ‘Swimming’ To Be Dissected Over 14 Episodes on Spotify Podcast

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One of our favorite music podcasts on the internet has to be Dissect. The show (which is a Spotify Original) is focused on analyzing albums, with each episode of the season dedicated to a track, spanning the entire project. In the past, Dissect has broken down albums from Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and others. Today it was revealed that Mac Miller‘s Swimming will be analyzed for Season 9.

Starting tomorrow, October 5, Dissect will release a new episode on Swimming every week, starting with the first track, “Come Back To Earth.” The series typically goes in order, so we can anticipate the final episode ending with an analysis of “So It Goes.” There are also often bonus episodes, which usually discuss other relevant topics outside the album.

As big fans of both Mac Miller and Dissect, we can’t wait to hear how this new season goes. When the season launches tomorrow, you’ll be able to listen here.