Newcomer Macabe Forges A Funky Path With Lo-Fi Jazz Single “Bring It Back”


If you’re looking for new material to listen to while relaxing or studying, we have the perfect little lo-fi diddy to scratch your itch. Macabe is a novice in the music game, but he is already pumping out some creative tunes and honing a sound that he calls “aggressively chill”. The producer/guitarist dropped his debut EP last week, and the title track “Bring It Back” shows off the funky fruits of his labor. 

We totally see what Macabe means by “aggressively chill”. There is an easy-going yet enticing strum of electric guitar and snappy percussion the whole way through, creating a low-key vibe while still displaying his pervasive instrumental talent. It gives off lo-fi jazz meets nu-funk, with a little bit of hip-hop mixed in to spice it up.  

You can listen to “Bring It Back” below, and be sure to check out the rest of his EP. Enjoy!

Macabe – Bring It Back