Machinedrum Shares Collaboration-Rich Album ‘3FOR82’

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If you want all of the features and all of the genres, the latest album from Machinedrum is for you. Known for his vocal-centric and genre-blending style, Machinedrum has outdone himself on his new project 3FOR82.

3FOR82 is a star-studded album featuring the likes of Tinashe, Duckwrth, KUČKA, Topaz Jones, and many more. The main question at hand throughout the album is this: “If you could visit with your younger self, what would you say to them?”. There’s something for everybody on this album. “RESPEK” is pure hip hop, “U_WANT” is beautiful melodic tech house, “ZOOM” has the light DnB elements, “GODOWN” is simplistic in nature and lets the vocals from Jesse Boykins III take the lead.

Machinedrum has really made a name for himself creating these projects that don’t confine him to one genre. Everyone can find a song they enjoy on this album. Machinedrum will be touring all over North America this summer, so check him out if you can and definitely stream 3FOR82 now!

Machinedrum – 3FOR82

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo