Rising Artist, Mackenzie Morris, Creates A Light Hearted Indie-Soul Single, “Why”


Back when bedroom producers were just becoming a thing, GarageBand was the ultimate tool for artists to create music on a budget. LA-based, Mackenzie Morris, taught himself how to use the platform in high school before perfecting his skills at Emerson College. The rising producer creates a wonderful mix of bedroom pop, chillwave and modern indie-soul and has just released his second official single “Why.”

The track is lighthearted affair that sees Morris displaying a mature subtlety in his sound. A warm guitar melody starts things off while a simple drum kit sets the pace for the chilled out indie groove. His hypnotizing vocals dance along as he sings about being let down by love but all in a way that feels relaxed and carefree.

Stream “Why” below and enjoy!

Mackenzie Morris – Why