Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – My Oh My: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have become some of the site's favorite artists, with The Unplanned Mixtape and The V.S. EP making there way to some of the most downloaded mixtapes. They are finally back with a brand new single. and this time it's inspired by a Seattle Mariners announcer, Dave Niehaus. As Macklemore says

"I understand that many people might not know Dave Niehaus…. I get it. But I believe that as musicians, it’s our responsibility to pay homage to the people that made us who we are."

This song has an very execelently produced beat compliments of Ryan Lewis, and great vocals from Macklemore. The song is chill, makes you relate to Macklemore, even if your not a Mariners fan, or baseball fan for that matter. This duo is great at capturing feelings. Listen to this sick chill song and enjoy!

My Oh My – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Download

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