Maddy O’Neal Delivers Genre-Bending EP ‘Mind Over Matter’


Inspiration comes and goes when you’re an artist. Lucky for Maddy O’Neal, a new dimension of creativity has revealed itself, allowing her to craft her most diverse body of work yet. The result, is Mind Over Matter.

As if Maddy wasn’t already known for pushing the boundaries of genre, her new EP solidifies her ability to remain true to her sound no matter which sonic direction she pursues. The EP begins with “Bliss,” an emotive track led by chorus-infused synth pads. Next comes Maddy’s collaboration with Sofasound, a track we loved for its eclectic rhythms and future bass touch. The last two tracks explore everything from bass accents to full throttle dubstep-inspired drops, closing out the EP with a bang.

Maddy commented on the meaning behind Mind Over Matter, sharing:

This EP marks a new chapter…an era of freedom. I’ve been through so many artistic phases, and something just clicked when writing my last record. I feel like I satisfied so many different parts of my brain, and since then I’ve been feeling this sense of endless possibility in my musical exploration. Mind Over Matter represents this belief that you are completely in control of your reality. Each of these songs describe an instance, feeling or ideal of when you are in control and in sync with yourself. Musically and lyrically this EP represents an era where my expression is free and internal foundation is solid.

You can stream Mind Over Matter at the link below. Enjoy!

Maddy O’Neal – Mind Over Matter