Madeon Makes Cryptic Update Signaling New Music


Fans have been waiting for a Madeon album for a minute. It seems one of the most reliable hints that an artist has a new project on the way is to kick off the campaign with some new branding. It always feels like a bit of a reach to read into something as simple as a profile picture change, but time and time again that has signaled a new chapter for the artist, most times including a new project. Madeon has just updated all his photos online with a new negative color effect. It certainly feels like he’s starting an album rollout.

Madeon also let fans know he was wrapping up his new album, which is his follow-up to the debut LP released back in 2015. It’s been a minute since we heard new music from Madeon and we’re ready. Enjoy!

Update: Madeon has since shared a new website that comes with a message saying ” Hey I missed you. This is the start of the good faith era. Tomorrow morning I’ll put out a song in the real world. Come back here” Look out for the new song tomorrow!



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