Madeon Shares Must Hear New Single “Be Fine”


Madeon has been busy this year. He came back in a big way with previously released singles “All My Friends” and “Dream Dream Dream” as well as hosting his own Good Faith Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Now he’s hosted his final episode of the radio show and shared his latest single “Be Fine,” and it’s sounding great.

’Be Fine’ is a song I wrote about joy, but sometimes joy is dangerous. Sometimes joy comes from the wrong place and being fine can mean different things. That ambiguity kind of stemmed from my own experiences and mental health challenges. But whatever you hear when you listen to it is fine. If you listen to it and you see it as a celebration of joy that’s great, that’s what I want you to hear too. And if you listen to it and you hear something else that’s very valid.” – Madeon

This new track is filled with slick guitar riffs and has a gospel feel throughout. Check it out and stay tuned for more from Madeon as we venture further into this new era of the project. Enjoy!

Madeon – Be Fine