Madeon Shares Vibrant New Single “Dream Dream Dream” & ‘Good Faith Radio’


Madeon szn has begun! He made his epic return with a new song “All My Friends” a couple months back, and it’s been the feel-good song of summer so far. Now the beloved artist is back with not only his fresh new song “Dream Dream Dream,” but he’s also just launched his anticipated new Beats 1 Radio show titled Good Faith via Apple Music.

“So, what is this show about? Well, it’s called Good Faith Radio because Good Faith is the name of my upcoming album, I guess. But mostly good faith, for me, is … It’s a mood. It’s an art direction. It’s a vibe. Good faith, to me, as an expression, as a word, the reason I picked that expression is that it evokes trust and faith in the future and hope and a form of joy that I hope to capture. It’s those moments in life when reality feels more beautiful and more important than usual, where the mundane becomes profound. That’s what I love most about art, is that when you listen to a good song, your regular life just feels epic, feels important, feels profound in the way that it truly is, and more colorful, and more beautiful. That’s my favorite feature of music. It just adds a layer, a filter, on top of it. And we’re going to do that by listening to more really cool music.”

“‘Dream Dream Dream’ is the very first song that opens my upcoming album, and I’m really proud of that song. I really was really happy when I made it because I felt like it captured what I was trying to achieve aesthetically with good faith and what I was trying to communicate in terms of lyrical content and just meaning and purpose, I guess, so I felt like I finally found the vibe, I guess. hope you like it too. I’m really excited for people to finally hear it because I made it quite a while ago. I’ve been just holding onto it, waiting for the right time, and the right time is right this second, right now on Beats 1.” – Madeon

The soulful new song will put anyone in a good mood right off the bat. The uplifting melodies pair alongside heartfelt vocals and airy sound design. This is the perfect follow-up to the lead single as we dive head first into the Good Faith era. Stay tuned for more from the talented artist and enjoy!

Madeon – “Dream Dream Dream”