Watch Diplo Make An Appearance In Hilarious Video Of The Fat Jew’s Major Lazer Tribute Band + Interview

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Back in September, Billboard went behind-the-scenes in a super-exclusive video about The Fat Jew’s Major Lazer tribute band, Major Behavior. The hilarious 3-minute parody interview features Billboard’s Matt Medved talking to Major Behavior about their inspiration behind imitating Major Lazer. For those unfamiliar, their live performances include playing Major Lazer songs through an aux cord. Yesterday Billboard shared another incredible Major Behavior interview with an appearance from Diplo.

This time, the skeptical Matt Medved shows up to a venue where Major Behavior is supposedly playing. While catching up with the tribute band in their green room, The Fat Jew talks about the “countless cities” that they’ve hit on tour, promoting their shows through UBER pools and pokes fun at DJs in general. Diplo actually made an appearance at the show as well. Check out the the interview and groups outrageous performance below and enjoy!