[PREMIERE] Manic Focus – Distant Perspective (Album) : Amazing Electro-Soul / Bass Album [Free Download]


An artist we have been featuring since day one, Manic Focus out of Chicago is back with his biggest project yet his third album, Distant Perspective complete with free download exclusively available here.

This album follows his unique electro-soul style managing to incorporate a funky soulful edge while also featuring some of his heaviest most bass heavy tracks to date. My absolute favorite track on the album is "Premeditation" which he collaborated with Haywyre on. The entire album is a great journey all the way through, and Manic Focus was kind enough to distribute the entire project completely for free, so do not sleep on this. Enjoy.

Don’t miss his previous two This Song Is Sick sponsored albums: Expanding Mind and Definition of Rhythm both available for free download. Also his recent bass heavy recent viral hit  "Latch (Manic Focus Remix)" – Disclosure

Manic Focus – Distant Perspective (Entire Album) | Direct Download | Alternate Download

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