Marbs & ‘Desert Hearts Black’ Debuts New Art, Sonic Direction for 2022 via ‘Minds on the Run’ EP


SoCal producer and Desert Hearts Black label boss, Marbs, has, along with Evan Casey, redefined modern house and techno. They’ve continued to thrive through an otherwise tumultuous year for the industry, taking the Twitch world by storm and reaching tens of thousands of viewers weekly with their music. The first label release of 2022 comes by way of Marbs’ Minds On The Run EP.

The EP contains three hazy club-focused tracks from Marbs and an uncanny remix from techno and tech house legend, Oscar L. “Needed Time” is a 7-minute anthem that features native american chants and a message of psychedelia. “Mental Gymnastics” and its staccato synths set the perfect setting for a crawling night time festival while the title track’s floating reverbered vocals and oscillating bassline convey a vibe more fit for a sunrise set.

Stream the project below and enjoy!

Marbs – Minds On The Run