Marc Rebillet Uploads ‘WE OUTSIDE: EPISODE 2’ Live Stream

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Marc Rebillet is one of those artists that just can’t help but make intriguing content. He’s known for having one of the craziest personalities and improvisational live shows that you kind of just have to see to believe. He’s been starting a new video series titled WE OUTSIDE and has just uploaded the second episode to his YouTube channel.

The theme of the series is a pretty simple one, just go outside and play music to strangers on the street. In the video, Marc can be seen setting up his audio station in the streets of NYC before quickly amassing an audience. His charismatic persona and unbelievable improv abilities are put to work as people from the crowd offer up their vocal and even violin skills.

By the end, Marc is playing to a full audience on the street and people watching from their apartment windows. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s 100% Marc Rebillet.

Marc Rebillet – WE OUTSIDE: EPISODE 2