[PREMIERE] “Fingerspitzengefühl” By The Killers’ Bassist Mark Stroemer Receives Incredible Remix From Belgian Producer R.O.

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Today, we have the pleasure of premiering a super unique remix from up-and-coming artist R.O. Making his TSIS debut, the Belgian producer has taken on "Fingerspitzengefühl”, an instrumental off of The Killers bassist, Mark Stroemer’s 2016 album Dark Arts

Although “Fingerspitzengefühl” is only about a minute long, R.O adds layer upon layer to create an incredible full-length remix. From the start we hear Stroemer’s original guitar melody sped up and begin to blend in with warm horns and a soft piano. A rising synth and pumping kick lead the song into a 4/4 house groove, before a quick bridge transitions the track into a future bass-inspired drop filled with wonky synths and energetic percussion.

R.O’s remix of “Fingerspitzengefühl” comes as part of a remix EP Dark Arts, which Stroemer says is a “product of long distance collaborations with talented producers and musicians.”

“A lot of my songs start with lyric first. As far as genre, production, and arrangement, I have always loved to play around. I am always interested in hearing interpretations and re-interpretations of songs I have got used to hearing one particular way.” – The Killers’ Mark Stroemer

Check out R.O’s remix of Mark Stroemer’s original “Fingerspitzengefühl” below and enjoy!

Mark Stoermer – Fingerspitzengefühl (R.O Remix)