Myterious Producer Marshmello Releases New Trap Meets Future Bass Single “BoUnCE” [Free Download]


Forget the who and what parts behind the mysterious producer known only as Marshmello; for what we lack in background information and current whereabouts, we gain in wizard like production that menacingly circles within future bass and trap genre pools. With a stream of rambunctious releases scattered throughout the year, Marshmello delivers his newest original creation for our audible pleasure. "Bounce" is a hyperactive hodgepodge of electro-house synths and gritty bass bursts that run amok on-top of a piano driven melody.  This corky endeavor bangs to its own beat and adding this to your music library via the free download is just the right thing to do. Enjoy! 

Marshmello - BoUnCE | Free Download