Mary Droppinz Gets Experimental on Remix of Lubelski’s “Why Do You Do The Things You Do”

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It is always a pleasant surprise to hear a remix that takes a totally different approach to the original track, creating what appears to be an entirely new song out of a condensed collection of stems. Mary Droppinz has done just that, making our weekend with her immensely impressive take on Lubelski‘s track, “Why Do You Do The Things You Do.”

This remix truly has it all. Mary defies the boundaries of genre, incorporating any and all elements that feel right to her, no matter the style. Introduced by a pumping, atmospheric intro, a high-energy breakbeat kickstarts the first drop, accented by grungy bass stabs and glitchy synths. Mary shakes things up with a percussive, bongo-led second verse, gracefully sending us into the second drop and piano-forward bridge section, which introduces yet another production approach to this diverse remix.

Mary shared her thoughts on the remix, commenting:

this is the hottest remix i’ve ever made 🚨 no 🧢 i was inspired by lubelski’s mysterious vocals and modular plucks so building around that creating a journey of hard hitting custom amen breaks, fire congas and beautiful jungle-esque build-ups that i refer to as the “pretty part.”

You can stream “Why Do You Do The Things You Do (Mary Droppinz Remix)” at the link below, out everywhere via DIRTYBIRD. Enjoy!

Lubelski – Why Do You Do The Things You Do (Mary Droppinz Remix)