Masego Is Captivating On Self-Titled Sophomore Album

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We’ve been Masego fans since his earliest days. It’s been a treat to watch the Atlanta-based artist evolve and foster his multi-talented spirit into a highly-touted sound that continues to provide fresh takes on R&B, hip-hop, dance, and everything in between. Today, we see the Grammy-nominated artist explore just how far he’s come with the release of his sophomore album, Masego.

A look at Masego’s library reveals a plethora of singles, features, and collaborations. His skill set is incredibly adaptive and well-rounded, he’ll tell you it’s the Gemini in him. He’s even picked up two Grammy nominations, one for his project, Study Abroad: Extended Stay, and another for his production work on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. 

But this latest offering gives us a full-on look at the artist that is Masego. Fourteen tracks, no features, all Masego. Smoky R&B mingles with Caribbean wines, the ego dancing with the soul. We find a wide swath of sound accompanied by a glimpse at the many layers of the artist behind the art. Or, as Masego described it, “My life in melody form.”

This album follows the announcement of a 28-stop North American Tour. Masego has proven to be just as talented and even more charismatic in a live setting, so attendees are sure to be in for a treat. Get your taste of what might be in store by streaming Masego’s new album below. Enjoy!

 Masego – Masego

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