Matroda & San Pacho Reconvene For Riveting Tech House Weapon “La Pasion”

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Bass house maestro Matroda does not miss. He consistently puts out infectious heaters, and has amassed a die hard following for his particular flavor of bangers. His new single “La Pasion” is a collab with emerging talent San Pacho, and it’s perfect for summer clubbing vibes. Released this weekend on his label Terminal Underground, it’s a Latin-infused tech house track with a mesmeric rhythm that takes ahold of you. 

“La Pasion” is a feisty song full of flavor. These two producers start off hot, with glitching frequencies and a looping vocal that sends you into hypnosis. The bass and percussion enter, and you can feel the energy start to swell. There’s even a zesty little guitar strumming solo in the breakdown, before even more waves of bass. It’s a spicy tune through and through, which isn’t surprising considering this hot pairing of artists. 

You can listen below. Enjoy!

Matroda & San Pacho – La Pasion