Parisian Producer Matveï Finds A Unique, Uptempo Groove with “LAGOON”

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There’s yet another French DJ/producer who’s caught our ear via Kitsuné Musique. This time it’s the Parisian, Matveï, who has a groovy sound reminiscent of KAYTRANADA and Disclosure (perhaps even combined). His most recent release, “LAGOON,” has officially put him on our radar—and he should be on yours as well.

“LAGOON” locks you into a groove from the very beginning. It’s got an addicting pop-inspired vocal to latch onto, but the real grip comes from the spacey, intoxicating synth work mixed with clever percussion and dynamic basslines.

Matveï is set to release a two-track EP, SPRING COLLECTION on June 24. This will round out his series of Seasonal Collections, all of which are worth a listen. SPRING COLLECTION will include “LAGOON,” as well as a brand new track, ”

You can stream “LAGOON” below. Enjoy!

Matveï – LAGOON