Max Glyde & Blush’ko Perfectly Sync on Euphoric House Stepper “Running”


Some serious soul is coming out of Melbourne, Australia with this next one. House producer, Max Glyde, and electro-soul/R&B artist, Blush’ko, are bringing a double dose of passion and vibrancy to the dance floor with their irresistibly smooth new single, “Running.”

The timeless 4×4 kick is enough to get anyone bobbing but Blush’ko’s verse will stop you dead in your tracks. The zeal with which he sings his lines lights the soul on fire. Max takes that fire and runs through a drop of ebbing synth waves and kinetic percussion, perfectly balancing the passion with tender, the energy with the emotion.

I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of running anywhere today without this track in the queue. Stream Max Glyde and Blush’ko’s new single, “Running,” below. Enjoy!

Max Glyde & Blush’ko – Running