Max I Million Achieves Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Perfection With New Album ‘Uncut Gems’


The lo-fi movement is taking over, and we’re here for it. It seems as though producers are coming out of the woodworks to share these new “beats to study to” vibes, but there’s some that stand out far among the rest. One of those is Swedish producer Max I Million, who just dropped his new album Uncut Gems.

With the lack of virtually any lyrics, Max does an amazing job at keeping a fresh and dynamic sound throughout the entirety of Uncut Gems. You could totally zone out to this music, but at the same time, you could also get up and boogie to it. There’s elements of classic boom-bap hip-hop on here, as well as heavier elements of the new-school.

Uncut Gems marks Max I Million’s fourth album in four years, so we know he’s not slowing down. We can’t wait to hear what else comes from this dude.

You can stream Max I Million’s new album below. Enjoy!

Max I Million – Uncut Gems