MAY-A’s Sound Is Beautifully Breezy On Irresistible Indie Tune “Time I Love To Waste”


We’re really excited to share the latest tune from Australian artist MAY-A.  At just 19 years old, she’s displaying exceptional songwriting talent and has already begun to carve out her own unique and irresistible pop style. With only a handful of releases under her belt, we’re impressed with the progression of her sound and confidence. Her latest release “Time I Love To Waste” is a silky smooth indie pop song that checks all the boxes. A warm and groovy bassline hooks us in, before we’re lifted away by layers of intoxicating guitar work. Adding in a subtle synth line perfectly completes the dreamy atmosphere, and MAY-A delivers her creamy vocals with a breezy delivery. In a pool of talent as brimming as Australia, MAY-A has certainly separated herself as a promising young star.

Listen to this sublime new song from one of Australia’s rising young talents in the stream below. Enjoy!

MAY-A – Time I Love To Waste