Medium Wave’s Debut Song “Easy” Shimmers with Dreamy Lofi Vibes


Today we are stoked about introducing Medium Wave to everyone. The solo project of London musician Matthew Wright, the drummer from band The Shakers, he is embarking on a journey of making wavy, lo-fi jams. He just dropped his debut song, titled “Easy”, on budding UK label Fruit Salad Records, and it’s a must-hear track full of grooves and ambient bliss. 

“Easy” takes after its namesake, and has a relaxed soundscape that invites you to take a deep breath and just enjoy the notes. Medium Wave uses shimmering chords and a steady drum beat to give the chilled-out track some movement, allowing you to tap your toes along as the rhythm crawls along. Our recommendation is to sit back and unwind as you play this one. 

You can hear the single below. Enjoy!

Medium Wave – Easy