Meduso Serves Up Metal-Infused Banger “Drive You Mad”


If you were unaware of Meduso‘s roots in metal music, let his newest track, “Drive You Mad,” be your introduction. Fresh off releasing his brand new remix of SoDown’s “Makin’ Dem,” the trend-setting artist shares one of his most dynamic tunes to date.

Chugging guitars set the tone for “Drive You Mad,” an unapolagetically metal-infused bass banger. Massive risers and delayed vocals compliment a heavy metal drum kit and distorted chords, striking the perfect balance for die-hard fans of both genres. In fact, why even put a genre label on this track? This song is sick.

Meduso commented on the new single, sharing:

This artwork + music is the first in a new series ill be releasing, exploring themes of overthinking, synchronicities vs coincidences, patterns, and illusions. So excited about how the final product came out, and excited to share this genesis to a new exploration of energy, frequency, and vibration.

You can stream “Drive You Mad” at the link below. Enjoy!

Meduso – Drive You Mad