Meduso Releases Heavy, West Coast Bass EP ‘Drop In’


LA-based bass producer, Meduso, has been breaking out of the underground and into the forefront as of late. His debut album, Yugen, is something to behold and we’ve since been patiently waiting for the right time to feature him here at TSIS. We’re proud to say the wait is finally over as he’s just released his newest self-released EP, Drop In.

Meduso’s 3-track project is inspired by both modern and classic sounds of dubstep with each track packing quite the punch. Meduso shows some swagger in his productions by utilizing some west coast drum beats underneath a bed of mind-bending bass. The intro and title track features an unlikely surf rock guitar sample that appears and reappears throughout, driving home the west coast flavor. “Rock Like This” and “Turn Up The Bass” both feel like they were built to light up an arena, which I’m sure will be happening very soon.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Meduso – Drop In