MEMBA & Tisoki Deliver Dynamic Heater “Mehndi” with YUNG SAMMY

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MEMBA‘s world-influenced productions consistently shake up the electronic world, offering fresh melodies and unexpected bangers for their broad audience to enjoy. Their most recent track, “Mehndi,” in collaboration with Tisoki and YUNG SAMMY, is no exception.

YUNG SAMMY blasts onto the track with undeniable confidence and flow, setting the vibes for this high energy banger. MEMBA and Tisoki experiment with a variety of drops and progressions, rarely repeating any one section of the track, making for an engaging listening experience. When the second drop hit, we absolutely lost it – there is no question this track goes off on the dance floor.

You can stream “Mehndi” at the link below. Enjoy!

MEMBA, Tisoki, YUNG SAMMY – Mehndi

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