Merlyn Silva Drops Peacefully Psychedelic Melodic Bass Track, “Vanakkam”


Grab your headphones for this next track, you’ll surely want them if you want to experience full sonic immersion. Merlyn Silva hales from Denmark and is making his TSIS debut with the release of his kaleidoscopic new single, “Vanakkam.”

The breathtaking complexities and nuance within this offering represent a gorgeous balance of the stimulating and the serene. Mesmeric guitars entwine themselves among enchanting vocal samples, while an engaging selection of skittering fills flit and float with enticing agility. Silva builds an entirely new realm with nothing but sound, its beauty is remarkable.

This new offering comes as the title track of Silva’s new album, out now on streaming platforms. You could put this track on a non-stop loop for hours and you just might achieve nirvana. Don’t take my word for it though, find out for yourself by streaming “Vanakkam” by Merlyn Silva below. Enjoy!

Merlyn Silva- Vanakkam