Mersiv Unleashes a Beast with New Deep Dub Track “Forest Creature” with Killa Nova

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When it comes to leaders of the low-end, Mersiv is one of our all time favs. He never fails to deliver some the most mind-bending encapsulating sound design in the game, and today he adds another weapon to the arsenal, an cryptic new bass track titled, “Forest Creature.”

We dive deep into the overgrown depths of bass on this one. The jungle-scape theme courses through every beat of the track as a wailing flute and thinly layered hand drum prevail as our guiding spirits through the dense fog ahead. As we creep ever deeper, we come upon a feral drop of slinking synths and formless wubs that skirt along the forest floor unimpeded.

“Forest Creature” is the second single so far from Mersiv’s upcoming album Pretty Dark Loud, which is out this fall. You can give it a listen below. Enjoy!

Mersiv – Forest Creature (Feat. Killa Nova)