Mersiv And Tape B Team Up With Juicy J Heavy New Dubstep Tune “Trippy Land”

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The crossover between dubstep and hip-hop has become increasingly prevalent in the past few years. The energy and attitude of each go hand-in-hand whether through remix or original, creating an explosive unmatched final product. Get heavy-hitting artists from both ends and you know you’re in for something special.

Dubstep’s Mersiv and Tape B have joined forces with Hip Hop’s Juicy J for a thick new single, “Trippy Land.” Attendance at Trippy Land is not optional. Entranced by this song’s flitting flute loop, listeners are held in the line of fire for the crushing gravity of the drop. Juicy J’s verses make the message clear, they’re coming for it all with this track.

While the defining elements of each style lend themselves to one another, this track is a great showcase of Mersiv, Tape B, and Juicy J’s versatility as artists. It’s never a guarantee the creative paths will align, but they sure did on “Trippy Land.” Stream below and Enjoy!

Mersiv & Tape B – Trippy Land

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