MGMT Shares Haunting New Single “Little Dark Age” Off Forthcoming Album + Video


After a four-year hiatus that felt like an eternity for many, psychedelic rock group MGMT is finally back with new music. The track, “Little Dark Age,” is the first off of the band’s forthcoming album by the same name, set to drop sometime in early 2018.  

There are many elements to “Little Dark Age” that bring the familiar MGMT signature to mind – VanWyngarden’s iconic vocals, the psychedelic synth melodies and the many moving parts of the track, to name a few. Yet, “Little Dark Age” has a moodiness to it that we haven’t heard from the group before, with the track pulling from both upbeat and ominous places to create something entirely new and unique for the group. In addition to the song, the group shared a bizarre video for “Little Dark Age” that really drives the somber mood of the release home. Check both out below and enjoy!

MGMT – Little Dark Age