[PREMIERE] Newcomer Vocalist Mia Vaile Drops Uplifting New Single “High On Love”

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Mia Vaile has been on our radar for the last year, showcasing her amazing vocals on tunes by artists such as Ship Wrek, BVRNOUT, and Jinco as well as her originals “Dark Side” and “Wildfire.” Today we are excited to officially introduce her to TSIS with a premiere of her uplifting new track “High On Love.” 

"I wrote High On Love as a reminder to never settle for anything less than real and genuine love. Sometimes we fall into relationships because we love the idea of being in love, instead of truly letting ourselves feel. We chase that ‘high’ that may feel like love and ultimately give up on real love. So this is my reminder that being high on real love is possible if you stop chasing or forcing anything other than pure love." –Mia Vaile 

“High On Love” showcases Mia Vaile’s impressive, playful vocals backed by a distant synth arpeggio. The energy picks up with a plucking bassline and distant brass as Mia Vaile throws down a catchy, soulful chorus that soars overhead. Mia Vaile’s powerful vocals continue throughout, with the producer chopping them up to make accompanying melodies that round out the track. Listen below and enjoy! 

Mia Vaile – High On Love