Michael Brun Celebrates Haitian Culture In Uplifting, Powerful New Song & Video “Bayo”

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Haitian producer Michael Brun always goes above and beyond – not only with his music but with his efforts to give back to his community. Once again he’s impressed us with both his incredibly catchy production and dedication to his roots of Haitian culture on his inspiring and powerful new song “Bayo” paired with an equally impressive music video. Brun is putting the beautiful music and culture of his home country on the map, one hit song at a time.

“We are writing our own Haitian anthems… These are the voices that will be heard by the next generation of Haitians and these sounds will define Haiti to the rest of the world in years to come” – Michael Brun

Brun never fails the highlight the beauty of Haiti and its community in his videos. This time he works alongside Haitian artists J Perry, Baky and Strong G who all come together effortlessly on his infectious new song. "Bayo" is highlighted by the featured artist's smooth vocals and rapping in Haitian Creole, laying atop shuffling organic percussion and a bright, powerful lead synth melody that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. The song has something about it that makes me feel like I can fully connect with it, even though I don't speak the language of its lyrics which is very cool. This follows up singles including “Gaya” and “Easy On My Love” that we had the pleasure of premiering. The joyous video highlights some of the local culture and even has some appearances by Brun himself. Enjoy!

Michael Brun – Bayo (Ft. J Perry, Baky & Strong G)