Michael Paradise Creates a Summery Daydream on Chill New Track “Lil World of Mine”


When the word “Paradise” is included in your stage name, you’re setting expectations high. Toronto based indie artist Michael Paradise lives up to the hype though. After being featured on Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia official soundtrack, Paradise is on a roll with his latest release.

His new single “Lil World of Mine” takes listeners on a hazy summer daydream. Paradise’s vocals come slowly drifting, fading in and out of the music on the song like the tide. The lyrics are surprisingly at odds with the warm tone of the song, with Paradise coming to terms with where he’s at in life, singing “This lil world of mine I’m sick of it, but I only want to die just a little bit.”

With some of his verses barely discernible over the composition of the song though, it’s easy to just take a step back and be lulled by the smooth ambience of the music. Paradise seems to offer his listeners a choice; vibe with the chill bedroom pop music of the song alone, or take a deep dive into his lyrics and examine the realities of your own lil world. Either way, it’s a satisfying experience.

You can check out “Lil World of Mine” using the link below. Enjoy!

Michael Paradise – Lil World of Mine