Michal Menert – Your Ghost (Music Video) : Must Hear Chill Electro-Soul


Michal Menert, one of the lead artists on the Pretty Lights Music label, has made some huge strides over the past year. His sound has truly transformed into something incredible; carving an unique blend of electro elements and unbelievable amounts of soul. Today we have his latest single "Your Ghost" apart of his upcoming Elements EP released exclusively on Vinyl on April 12th. The song packs organic elements, gritty electro flavor and soulful energy that will have you bouncing. This music video is more of a short film spanning from intense shots of Michal with an axe to showering wine over his crew and everything in between in an incredibly well done manner. You can pre-order the vinyl that will feature this song and some remixes from GRiZ, Late Night Radio and more. Enjoy!

Michal Menert – Your Ghost | Pre-Order Vinyl

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